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“We finished Give Ozarks at midnight with $1.2 million,” says Louise Knauer, Vice President of Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

She says this has been the most successful Give Ozarks day yet.

“Well, it’s pretty incredible to think about that in a day – in a 24 hour period,” she says.

Give Ozarks Day was started three years ago by Community Foundation of the Ozarks. The idea is to call people to action. They can donate to any non-profit they want in the area.

David Brown is the founder of Eden Village, one of the groups that benefited from the event. His organization aims to end homelessness by building tiny homes.

“Everything is brand new which is one thing we wanted to do for our friends,” he says.

Brown’s friends? The chronically homeless. Folks gave Eden Village over $8,000 to help them out.

People didn’t even have to leave home to donate. They could donate online.

Dozens of organizations in the state received donations.

Brown says those offerings aren’t just helping his friends but the whole community.

“This is going to be an upbeat for the community,” he says.

Long hours, hard work, and a vision to help others have already started shaping this place into a neighborhood.

“It’s going to look like a park. It’s going to look really good. It’s going look better than I could ever dreamed it would be,” Brown says.