Intisar Faulkner, Ozarks News Brief

NEOSHO- “He said, ‘mom, we’ve got water coming in the house and I’ve used all the towels. I’m not sure what to do.” Says Esther Spicer, homeowner in Neosho, MO.

The town of Neosho is devastated by flood damage.

Spicer says “10 minutes later he said, “Mom, it’s up to my waist and the couches are floating. I come here and everything we have, that we’ve worked for all these years is gone.”

Esther was away from her son and home when the flooding hit Neosho.

Nearly 150 people were evacuated in Neosho after Governor Greitens declared state of emergency on Friday.

Spicer says they have all my memories just sitting here in my front yard. They’re all destroyed. That they’ve lost everything.

And just down the street, a neighbor was stuck on the roof.

“Flash flooding can just happen in an instant. We had people on Facebook telling us to get out and we can’t. Both sides were covered in water.” Says neighbor Billy Wade

Wade says you can’t put what happened into words.

“I was yelling at people trying to drive out from my roof saying to stay in your house and get to your roof. People were trying to drive out and that’s not smart. You don’t want to drive in this.”

Now, the community is trying to have faith and pull together to rebuild.

Wade says it’s one of them things you just never think can happen to you.

Governor Greitens says if you or someone you know is stuck in their home still to call 911,

And just because the sun is out doesn’t mean it’s safe yet.