Reporter: Macy Marie

OTC has partnered with Premier Flight Center here in Springfield to bring flight classes to future pilots right here in the Ozarks.

The school had an open house – giving interested students and parents a glimpse of the program before it takes flight.

Lane Sanders says he transferred schools to join.

“I’m at OTC so I’m just super excited that they started that,” he says.

Instructors think people from across the area will want to come learn.

“250 to 300,000 people are in this area withing driving distance to where they’d want to come to this program,”says instructor Noah Boggs.

“Flight instructing is a way to give back to the community and the industry to start good, new pilots off right,” says Boggs.

There will be plenty of studying, homework, and tests before the flying begins.

But that’s not stopping students from following their passion.

“Being up in the air you always feel free, on the ground you feel restricted,” says Sanders.

The course takes two years and costs about $50,000. Anyone interested is encouraged to contact the school.

The program takes off next semester with classes starting in August.