Intisar Faulkner, Ozarks News Brief

NIXA- “We are going to get back to the basic work of government,”claims new governor elect Eric Greitens.

Greitens held a conference at a Nixa elementary school to discuss plans for Missouri’s upcoming budget. Including the millions set aside to fight the opiod epidemic.

Greitens stated, “In the new budget we are putting 11 million dollars towards fighting the opiod epidemic here in Missouri.”

The governor also explained his financial plan for public safety, domestic violence and special needs learning.

However one of the biggest issues Greitens discussed was the increase for the budget on education. According to the governor, through the combination of gaming, federal, and state funds, the budget has a place to put more money into K-12 schools.

Superintendents shared how excited they are that the new governor elect has taken primary education priority to a new level, and sees how elementary education is making strides to making children into better citizens in the economy.

However budget cuts are ahead for colleges and universities. Due to the ride in percentage for K-12 education in funding, Greitens said there will be less money for professors and higher institutional learning.